Day 55 – 217.1

D.55-217.1 – I’ve now broken through my lower weigh-in of the last couple of months. 217.5 was the lowest I had gone down to before I went on my little rollercoaster the firstseveral weeks of this month.  216 is the lowest I’ve weighed since late middle school, I’m tempted to say.  212 is the lowest I’ve seen on a scale but that was within an hour of running a full marathon where I was famished and parched  so I’ve considered that an outlier. Beyond 216 will be unchartered waters for me on this journey! (Down 14.6 pounds)
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Day 53 – 218.6 pounds

D.53-218.6 – Alrighty, so here goes my experiment with this food journal.  It may turn out being just a photo journal, depending on where my crazy schedule takes me.  I’ll start it off with my usual blurb, and after the jump I’ll journal the things I ate and did the day before leading up to this morning’s weigh-in.  So my weight has been holding steady and only inching a little up or down this month. So I’m on a quest to see which choices I make are causing this. (Down 13.1 pounds)

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