Little signs everywhere

Some might dismiss “signs” as mere coincidences or that we see things because we want to see them. I’m not here to prove things one way or the other, but I wanted to share something that happened to me. I was praying the rosary (something my dad did daily), and I got a little emotional remembering his voice as he led it. I was a little teary-eyed when the Alexa screen next to me suddenly displayed a photo of my dad. It was a photo my nephew took when he was very young, and my dad was making a funny face trying to get him to stop. This image took me from teary-eyed to sobbing in no time, and I was simultaneously laughing and couldn’t stop. The thing about seeing it on my Alexa is that I don’t keep my photos on Amazon, and of all the pictures of my dad it had to be precisely that one.

A lot of things had to line up for that moment to happen, and they very well may have done so spontaneously, but I’d like to think it was some form of sign letting me know that dad will always be with me.

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