At last, a full day of sunshine!

I really dislike how my phone makes everything in my pictures look so far away. After weeks of rain, this is the first time I had a clear view of the mountains. To give you and idea how close the mountains are, when you look towards the mountains from the middle of a room in our home, you have to duck to be able to see the sky above the mountains. They look so beautiful right now with the snow. I’m hoping we get a storm or two that brings the snow level down even lower like it’s happened in previous years.

At work, the views were beautiful as well. The visibility was so good that you could even see Catalina Island in the distance. In the picture without the mountains, I promise there’s an ocean view but it’s hard to see even in person. However, when the sun starts to set a golden light from the sun lights up the ocean through a brilliant reflection.

I thought about my dad a lot today. Especially less than an hour ago when I was driving back from the EV chargers. My favorite part from Wagner’s Ring Cycle was playing on the radio…Lieb Wohl. It is Wotan’s farewell to his favorite daughter, Brünhilde. It is the most heartfelt farewell ever. It was particularly poignant tonight because the funeral services for my dad begin tomorrow.

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