My Birthday

This was the most uneventful birthday I’ve ever had, but it’s not that bad since I tend I treasure the quiet moments. My mother told me how excited my dad was 37 years ago when I was born, and it reminded me of how he was always very proud of the fact that he was the first to hold me after I was delivered via C-section. This was the first year without a birthday hug from him.

During my lunch break at work I went to the nearby golf course. He used to love golf and I remember playing on this particular course when he was a little younger. I’ve been thinking about taking up the sport again.

Later that evening, I had a little birthday dinner at Din Tai Fung with my Mom and Chase.

I wanted to keep today’s post short and light, but as an afterthought I also wanted to mention that something else I’ve been meaning to start doing again is photography. It may seem as if I’m trying to take on too much, but the thing is that you have so much more time when you’re not wasting it on too much TV or social media.

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