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Emanuel Table

Los Angeles gourmand in love with Classical Music and afflicted by wanderlust.


Just a few years ago, I was constantly sending messages to friends and planning events so I could fill every moment with friends. I believe this behavior stemmed from me being a […]

Two wins today

I had two wins today that I think are noteworthy. The first is that I got more chores done than expected, and they were surprisingly joyful to complete, and I attribute that […]

8th-Grade Graduation

Today was my nephew’s 8th-grade graduation. If there is one thing I am grateful about this pandemic is that it has taught me to appreciate family time much more. I treasure it […]

I Bought a Bible

Yes, I went on Amazon and searched for a highly rated bible. I’ve written a handful of posts on my admiration of catholic traditions, church architecture, and sacred music. Yet, I have […]