Inspirational Faith

I had previously mentioned my growing interest in getting reacquainted with my Faith in recent years, and I’ve been even more inclined to do so after my father’s passing. He had a profound Faith that he incorporated into all aspects of his life and was always mindful of being in the presence of Christ at all times. He prayed as soon as he woke up, prayed throughout the day, and prayed just before bed. He prayed the Rosary almost daily. He’d do the sign of the cross every time he left the house, every time he got in his car, and for every other activity where he wanted God’s protection and guidance. Even his hobbies revolved around religion: he read almost exclusively on topics regarding Catholicism, the lives of Saints, and the writing and teachings of important figures of the Church; his wood carving was statues of Saints, Christ, or the Virgin Mary. He loved carpentry because the was his father’s occupation, and that was Jesus’ and Joseph’s occupation.

I find my father’s Faith incredibly inspiring and comforting in this time of grief. I prayed the Rosary daily and read the daily scriptures during lent last year, and I’ve felt the urge to do so again–I started on January 1st. Perhaps it may be more accurate to describe it as a calling.

For the first time in my life, I don’t feel ashamed to say that I want to be closer to Christ.

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