Day 65 – 217.0 pounds

D.65-217.1 – So I’m up a little again.  I was good about my portions yesterday and exercised, so I’m hoping this current turbulence is due to some muscle gain. lol! Since I’ve failed to meet my goal for last month and since I’m also now focusing on building strength, I will set out to cross the 200-pound mark before my race in San Francisco on July 31st.   (Down 14.7 pounds)

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. You can probably tell a few things about me by looking into my eyes, but far more telling is looking through my eyes and you can get a glimpse of this through my photographs.  Particularly the photographs without people in them because to often those are posed: smile and look happy, make a silly face to show you’re having fun, etc… From my photographs you’ll never know exactly what goes through my mind when I am inspired to take one, but they’re important hints. For example, the scenes below (in no particular order): one reminded me of a trip to Europe; contemplating another future foodie adventure; what it would have been like to live in another decade; one scene reminded me of someone’s picture elsewhere; etc…

These are stills from the impromptu performance that is my life. There are no rehearsals for life and you get one shot at it. I want to grow old and at the end be able to say, “this is my masterpiece”.

Anyway, below are pictures from my solitary exploration of Downtown Los Angeles. Exploring a city on foot and by myself it one of my favorite things to do.


Yesterday I had my 3rd personal training session and once again my upper body took a beating.  I at first was a little uneasy about spending the extra money on a personal trainer. However, I think it is definitely worth it because he is constantly correcting my technique and gauging where my limits are. It is so easy to do a workout or be lifting weights and feel like you’re following the proper technique when in reality you’re so far off!


For breakfast I just defaulted to my usual two over-easy eggs and coffee. In less than a couple of weeks I hope to start diversifying my breakfasts and incorporate other important food groups. 🙂



My brother cooked some pasta and I grabbed a small serving of it for lunch.  I really need to stay away from this stuff because I love it so much and it is so easy for me to just continue to serve myself extra servings until I’m way too full.  I was not able to resist the temptation of staying away from the pasta, but I do feel proud of myself for having a small serving and not going back for seconds.



I had dinner with a friend at Little Sister in Downtown LA.  It’s one of those places that I think food is meant to be shared, but instead he understood that we each picked out own entrée.  This actually worked out in my favor because at these family-style restaurants I love choosing several plates to taste different things.  This of course translates into over-eating.  So I only had the lamb curry which was delicious, but a heartier meal that I should be eating.  I paired my meal with an Albariño which I at first wasn’t a fan of when I tried it on its own but turned out quite nicely when paired with the curry. Anyway, the conversation was great and the meal was delicious so I do not regret it.

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