Day 66 – 217.5 pounds

D.66-217.5 – I skipped my Saturday run and quite proud of myself for doing so. I had a ton of work to catch up on and lots of studying to do for school, so I sacrificed something I love to do and gave my priority to my career and education.  However, I also ate badly at a family party and I now regret it. I suspect eating late also made things worse for this morning’s weigh-in. 😦   (Down 14.2 pounds)


I am sad to report that I ended up skipping my run yesterday. I had so much to do for both school and work that I really needed that extra time to catch up on my reading and on a new website were working on for the company I work for. I told myself I would at least hit the treadmill the first change I got, but hour after hour rolled on by and it was impossible for me to break away. In the evening there was a family gathering, so I needed to get in as much as I could.


No exercise whatsoever today. 😦



Made myself some scam led eggs.  As before, I know I need to start varying my breakfasts soon, but I won’t explore this until in about a week and a half.


With so much work that I had to do, I ended up eating a late lunch.  By that point I was contemplating skipping it altogether given that there was a family get-together later in the evening. However, I decided to just eat something light so as not to arrive super hungry in the evening and indulge in everything under the sun.  


Now we come to the family party. I will make a quick list of everything I had as best I can remember:

  • Snacked on some Doritos and cheese puffs (I shouldn’t have but it was less than my usual)
  • 1 piece of fried chicken breast
  • Small serving of pasta and rice
  • Two small servings of a milk-based jello my mom makes
  • 2 cupcakes
  • 1.5 glasses of wine
  • 2-3 servings of liquor 43

I definitely fell into a few traps yesterday, but believe me this was far better than my usual self at these types of events. I’ve always tended to just continue eating until I could not longer fit anything else.  As you can see, my biggest weakness is dessert and I will need to focus on this for future family gatherings.


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