Day 64 – 216.7 pounds

D.64-216.7 – Mentally, spiritually, and in so many other ways, yesterday was an awesome day! Exhausting, but awesome. I could have reported a weight gain today and still have been happy, but instead I’m back in the 216s! Sometimes good things come in waves, so I’m going to continue riding this high to make today even better! (Down 15 pounds)

I was glad to see I am in the 216s this morning.  That will teach me that a weekend of indulgence will take about a week to recover from.  Anyway, yesterday I ate pretty well except in the evening when I was pretty much running on fumes.  I know this is not healthy and it’s when you’re most at risk of making horrible food choices.  I’ll elaborate further on my food choices below. Mentally, spiritually, and in so many other ways,  yesterday was an awesome day.  I felt incredibly productive throughout most of the day managing multiple tasks and managing a bunch of people to get things done.  I did end up crashing around 4pm, but by then it was almost time to leave so it was perfect.  I had to dash over to Beverly Hills (I was working in Corona) for an event that evening.  Once there I was asked to serve as a VP on the USC Alumni board of directors I currently serve on, so that made my day.  I step outside and walk out into an outdoor Jazz Concert. Can this get any better? Anyway, to keep things short: I then went to an event put on by the Paley Media Council that I was invited to featuring Steve Mosko, chairman of Sony Pictures Television.  I was fascinated to hear all about the business side of the industry and I even got a chance to speak with him briefly on the walk back to our cars a few blocks away.  Awesome guy that left me inspired to work harder in business school and beyond.



It ended up being a very long and busy day for me, so there was really not much of a chance to exercise.  I got home around 9:30pm and really all I wanted to do was just decompress.


I continued to experiment with my newly invented omelette, but this time there is no picture because it ended up looking ugly and more like a scramble than an omelette. 😦 Still delicious though!



It was a working-lunch type of day and I was so tempted to just go to a drive through and grab a burger or something similar.  Thankfully I found Waba Grill and opted for their chicken bowl instead.  I needed something filling as I was getting hungry and I needed it to carry me over until the evening.  Thankfully it did a decent job of filling me up while not being heavy.



Well dinner did not go as planned.  At the event they were only passing around hors-d’oeuvres which were delicious but definitely not enough when you’re getting hungry around dinner time. When the event with Steve Mosko was over, I had my plan to buy a delicious pastry at Le Mervetty in Beverly Hills on the way back to my car.  I ended up walking back with Steve Mosko and forgot all about my pastry. On the drive home, I was thankful for the distraction and so I ended up making myself a couple of hard-boiled eggs to satiate my hunger and keep it light since it was already late.

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