Day 57 – 216.4 pounds

D.57-216.4 – The food choices yesterday weren’t too bad, but the drinks last night I’m sure had a ton of calories.  Thankfully they didn’t seem to have affect my weigh-in too much this morning.  In terms of exercising, we talked and worked on a plan yesterday and that will be starting up next week. (Down 15.3 pounds)



I decided to mix it up a bit this morning and made my self two soft-boiled eggs! 🙂 I’ve found that two eggs is enough to carry me through the morning until I start building up an appetite. I usually don’t wake up very hungry so there is no point in me indulging in a huge breakfast; although, I do love those!


It’s Thursday so I again find myself in the city of Corona working on the 91-freeway project and the food options around here are not the best.  Again I was tempted with pizza and other fast-food places, but knowing I’ll have to disclose it here keeps me in check.


So I opted for Subway and got a 6-inch spicy Italian with a large diet coke and no chips.  It was tasty and filling enough to carry me through until later in the day.


For dinner I went over to Little Tokyo to meet up with a couple of friends since one of them is moving to San Francisco. We had some sushi and I didn’t over do it.

Post-dinner libations

I was persuaded to go to a few bars in Downtown LA to hang out a little longer after our meal so here is where my unhealthiest choices came where a lot of these drinks pack a lot of calories.


In terms of exercising, we talked and worked on a plan yesterday and that will be starting up next week. I’ll be focusing on building up my upper body since it has sat neglected and running keeps my legs in shape.

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