Day 58 – 216.9 pounds

D.58-216.9 – It was a leisure day of bad food choices, but I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with family and spending time with my good friend from Portland.  I wasn’t happy with the jump in weight this morning, but it was not unexpected considering my 2am meal.  The worst part is that I didn’t go running this morning, but I have all weekend to make it up.  Speaking of the weekend, this will be a tough one because of some delicious dinners on the calendar, but I will survive!  (Down 14.8 pounds)



I mixed it up again. Two SCRAMBLED eggs and some water instead of coffee.  I promise I’ll start to diversify my morning meals in the future.  Right now eggs are just too delicious and easy to make. 🙂



I went to see the movie Angry Birds with family and I indulged in sharing nachos, then I got a sprinkles cupcake, and for lunch I shared half a steak sandwich with some fries.  At the end of it I figured I had eaten enough to carry me over for the rest of the day with the help of an additional snack along the way.  A friend from Portland would be visiting later this evening so I figured I should also leave some room for drinks.



So we found our way to West Hollywood and took a little tour Mother Lode, Bar 10, Flaming Saddles, Revolver, Flaming Saddles once again, etc…

Don’t worry, I exercised good self-restraint with the drinking since I was driving so that calorie punch there was too bad.  However, once all was said and done we stopped by at a Mexican restaurant for a 2am meal.  It was a night I definitely enjoyed, but one that can only happen once in a blue moon.


I’m actually embarrassed to share the above photo, but just to give you an idea about my 2am “dinner”.


I have no excuse for not having exercised this day, but it was a nice change of pace from everything.  I took the opportunity to also try on old clothes that I used to fit into my lowest point and many of them fit now.

I was so happy I posted on Facebook the below picture of myself wearing this white coat I bought a few years ago for dressing up casual clothes during the summer for occasions such as going to a classical performance at the Hollywood Bowl.  The coat still fits a little tight, but it’s able to close on my once again!


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