A restaurant I meant to try

Well, I ended my daily streak yesterday. 😦 I’ve continued writing at a late hour and last night I fell asleep trying to type. I spend a lot of hours on the computer for work, so when it comes time to writing these I lie on my stomach and type away. I know it’s a terrible posture, but I’ve gotten used to it.

The main thing I was looking forward to writing about this weekend was Otomisan–the oldest Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. We ended up not eating here because the wait was too long and we instead went to a Korean BBQ place in Little Tokyo a few miles away. Otomisan is a small restaurant in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Boyle Heights. It used to have a much higher Japanese population in the past, but the demographics have since changed, and now this is the only Japanese restaurant left in this neighborhood. Although, I think it may be the last remaining in this particular part of Boyle Heights. I find it hard to believe there are no other Japanese restaurants in the entire neighborhood.

While I’m on the topic of disbelief, I was surprised and skeptical that a restaurant from the 1950s could call itself the oldest Japanese restaurant in LA. After a few moments, I sadly realized that the timeline made sense given that Japanese-Americans were forced into internment camps during World War II. So any Japanese restaurant that existed before the war would have been forced to close.

I look forward to making another attempt to visit this restaurant and learn more about its history and its food.

There was more rain the following day, so it turned into a day where I watched more videos than I should have while staying cozy inside away from the cold. I did manage to finish three reports for the day ended, so my Sunday wasn’t completely wasted on entertainment.

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