Late nights

I said yesterday, I would start writing about the day before so that I wouldn’t be writing late at night, but here I am again writing very late into the night. I’ve always loved the quiet and tranquility of nights, and old habits are hard to change. I mean to write a little bit about last week’s concert, and about a work event last night. So perhaps I’ll do a longer post this weekend since I’ll be a lot less busy.

Not much to report on today, other than I am very exhausted after a busy week. I didn’t have much time for myself, but I am making an effort to practice the piano more, and to also read more. I love books, and I’ve given up on reading only one book at a time. I’ve found that sometimes I get stuck reading through a book slowly when there are other books lined up that I finish much more quickly. Anyway, we’ll see.

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