365: Day 13 – Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins and Piano

In character or in interviews, there is a certain elegance to his words that can only come from a man who has an appreciation for literature, art, and music. One of my favorite scenes of his is when Pope Benedict XVI in The Two Popes plays the piano in his papal suite. A film review described his portrayal of Pope Benedict XVI as “lonely and bookish, with a teasing wit and a taste for elegance.” You may think me strange, but I would be flattered if these same words were used to describe me. Looking through Anthony Hopkins instagram only reinforced this for me. The videos of him playing the piano are beautiful and his outlook on life is lovely. They inspired me to dim the lights, play some Chopin Nocturnes, and write a little about it.

Moments of solitude save for books and a piano for me to play on, have been childhood dreams I have never grown out of. I find solace in the solemnity of solitude.

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