365: Day 12 – Spreading my wings in Encino

It had been a while since I allowed myself a directionless walk–no planned route, distance, or time: a most pleasurable experience in any city. I’ve been holed up all these weeks just worried sick about the pandemic. Today I ventured out and walked about the neighborhood (I currently live in Encino, a neighborhood of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley).

It was a glorious afternoon! Under the canopy of oaks I removed my mask and inhaled the fragrant Jasmine all around me. I was in heaven and loving every second. I took in experiences like these practically daily when I was constantly running. Oh, how I miss those times! Whenever I think of California, I see oaks filtering the beautiful sunlight with the blue sky teasing behind the foliage. There is far more to California and Los Angeles than the palm tree lined sprawl of broken dreams of stardom. Of the many topics I desire to write about, showcasing my perspective of my beautiful city and state are among my favorite. I remember a couple of years ago a friend from Michigan was visiting and I dragged my poor friend on a five-hour drive to squeeze all of my favorite scenes of the city.

The scene above is of the street behind my home and the two below are when I was at the top of the hill overlooking the San Fernando Valley and the mountains on the other side (the appear far away in the pictures because I used a wide angle). Behind me are the more famous parts of Los Angeles, Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. The Valley looks so peaceful from here, but out towards the buildings is the infamous 405 and 101 freeway interchange that has the honor of having the worst traffic congestion in the nation.

But let’s forget about traffic for minute and think of the oaks, the sunny skies, and the sweet-smelling Jasmine.

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