Day 70 – 216.9 pounds

D.70-216.9 – Unchanged from yesterday and my eating was both good and bad.  I started off the day great, but then I had to rush over to pick up my car from the body shop before they closed and then hoping to make it time to class.  But as my luck would have it, I got this huge nail stuck on one of my tires and I had to get it fixed and so I never made it to school.  So after all of this I just wanted to eat anything good. lol (Down 14.8 pounds)

*Free in-flight wifi gave me a chance to post this now! 🙂


Too busy and crazy to sneak anything in. 😦


Quick two over-easy eggs.


I was REALLY craving pizza for some reason, but I managed to keep myself away from the temptation and instead grabbed one of these salads from Vons.


By the time I got around to dinner I was so exhausted and hungry that I decided to just go for some comfort food and went to a campus restaurant called McKay’s.  The service was slow and the food was underwhelming and I ended up giving up halfway through and left the rest.  Trying to rescue my palate I ended up going for some ice cream at Quinell’s in Burbank with my friend Amy.

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