Day 69 – 216.9 pounds

D.69-216.9 – Another busy day where food became an afterthought and I ended up eating 4 eggs, and Iced White Chocolate Mocha, and a cheese danish the entire day.  I should have eaten more food (especially considering I worked out today) and I certainly should have ended it with a healthier option.  So I have mixed feelings: proud for having worked out, not eating too much, but not proud of my Starbucks escapade.  At least there was no gain today! (Down 14.8pounds)


Did another round of personal training and continued to focus on upper body strength.  I don’t remember if I’ve discussed this, but the focus on upper body strength is by my request.  My legs have received and continue to receive quite a bit of a workout due to running, but my upper body has been left largely neglected.


I had an early start this morning as I had to once again partake in a study that is being conducted on the express lanes in LA County.  So I had to be up and early so that I could get started at 6am on the freeways.  Anyway, all this to say that I had to make a very quick pair of scrambled eggs before I headed out the door.


After being done with the traffic studies I did a little shopping around for a home project that I’m working on and forgot I hadn’t eaten until about 3pm.  I didn’t have time to cook anything decent so I was tempted for a moment to just hit up the drive through at a fast-food place.  However, I went home and instead made myself some more scrambled eggs. lol


Still needing to work on some things for school and work and overall exhausted, I didn’t want to spend any time cooking so I went for a quick drive after working out and bought myself and Iced White Chocolate Mocha and a Cheese Danish for dinner.

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