Comfort in a cloister

There is so much I want to do, but find myself pressed for time. I sometime feel like I would accomplish everything I wanted to if I occupied every single minute of my time towards something productive. Yet, I’m a daydreamer and love letting my time wander from time to time. My daydreaming sometimes gets in the way of work, but it’s also the source of my greatest ideas and sometimes clever solutions to problems. I procrastinate and sometimes easily distracted, but I’m also very good at what I do and people are pleased with my work.

This year, I need to really embark on a journey to eliminate as many unecessary distractions from my life and keep my eye on the prize. I sometimes crave the life of monks who cloister themselves away from the goings-on of the world and spend their days reading and meditating.

Photo by Josu00e9 Barbosa on

I’m reminded of the last local trip we took with my dad. We took the train to Mission San Juan Capistrano. We explored the grounds a litte, but eventually we settled on a bench looking out into the large courtyard. We all commented on how there was an unexplicable peace just sitting there in silent contemplation. Perhaps, to be more focused I need to counterintuitively take a step back and slow down.

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