365: Day 186 – Farewell Eva

Today we said goodbye to another car. We’ve had three cars for a while, and they were a white 2018 Lexus GX460 (Alexia), a white 2018 Honda Clarity (Eva), and a green 2018 Honda Clarity (Verdi). The rationale for the first Honda Clarity was to offset the gas-guzzling Lexus GX, and we ended liking it so much that I replaced my 2011 Ford Taurus for the green Clarity. Since we are driving far less because of the Pandemic and because the house only fits two cars, we needed to downsize. A few months ago, we sold the Lexus GX and replaced it with a new Tesla Model X. Driving around on mostly electricity with the Honda Clarity made it so painful to pour money into the truck every time we took it anywhere. Today, it was the white Clarity’s turn to go, and now we’re down to two cars. We’ve been enjoying the Model X so much that we’ve been considering trading in the green Clarity for a Tesla Model 3.

I get emotionally attached to cars, so it was hard to see the Lexus go a few months ago and now one Clarity. I know a car is just a tool, but I can’t help but seeing it as an extension of my home and a place where lots of good memories are made.

The most painful car to see go was a 1990 Ford Taurus. If I had somewhere to store the car, I would have. It’s a car that deserves a post of its own if I get around to it.

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