365: Day 63 – Attempt 1

I’m am giving this writing throughout the day a try. 🙂

Woke up today and had a beautiful 10-second commute from the bedroom to the home office. Turned on my computer then walked to the Kitchen to make some coffee. I hate the term “new normal” because it’s been overused, but this really has become my new routine and I am used to it once again. Getting dressed and gather my things to head out the door and drive 25 miles to work seems so weird now.

My first meeting was at 9am and it was over zoom like all the others. This too is something else that has become the norm now. I’ve always hated video conferencing, but now I’ve gotten used to it. I’m not as obsessed by how I look on the screen anymore, and I try not to focus on how bad I look in my square. 😝

…and I forgot to do this the rest of the day. Let me try this again tomorrow. 🙂

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