365: Day 58 – Work Perspective Shifting with Age?

Today was my usual Wednesday of being my busiest work day and now after ending my day and settling in for the night, I realize that my attitude towards work has shifted as I’ve gotten older and I’m not sure if that naturally occurs to everyone getting older, or if this is my maturing in my own way. I think back to the early days of me working and I was a clock-watcher. I could hardly wait for my shift or task would end so I could get back to my free time. Now, however, I look forward to finding ways to keep myself busy and find better ways to contribute value to the projects I work on. Don’t get me wrong, I still sometimes find myself starting blankly at my screen or out the window from time to time like the best of us; but I’ll jump back in to whatever I am doing and focus accomplishing tasks rather than reaching some stopping point on the clock.

If I imagine the best version of myself I want to be, I imagine someone who delivers excellence and brings pride to his peers, friends, and family. That’s what I will strive to be.

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