365: Day 55 – My First Time Landing in Asia

After sixteen hours of darkness racing away from the sun, light finally started to break outside my window and we had started our descent. The very faint light added to the otherworldly effect of the craft’s lights trying to pierce through the thick clouds that shrouded the water world below. I focused on the developing scenery outside and began listening to John Adams’ Nixon in China from the beginning. The unstable air outside began to gently shake the craft around. Lower and lower we went and my heart began to race with excitement at the anticipation of exploring this new world. The landing gear was deployed and the silhouette of the Asian continent began to appear and suddenly I had time-travelled a day forward. I imagined myself aboard a spacecraft coming out lightspeed or warp after an intergalactic trip about to debark at a space port. Air travel fascinates me and I can’t help but see myself as living in some ancestor’s science fiction fantasy. I exit the aircraft into the Hong Kong International Airport–a spaceport at the crossroad of many worlds in our galaxy.

My first sight in Asia

Next time you travel a night, especially if you’re heading West for an extended period of time, try imagining yourself as traveling among the stars. It’s hardly a stretch to the imagination as you are engulfed in darkness with a clear view out into space.

(March 11, 2017 before dawn)

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