365: Day 52 – I’m still doing this!

I missed a day or two (I was honest about it), but I am still in shock that I am keeping up with these daily posts. In looking back through the recent posts, I don’t find anything particularly noteworthy and I feel quite proud of that fact. Why? Because I can be a perfectionist and a procrastinator, which has led me many times to not complete the things I set out to do. So I feel like this shows my maturing and being more responsible and at the very least, it gives me a little escape each day, let’s me practice my writing, and just not keeping putting thoughts and words out there no matter how misshapen they may be. Ninety percent of winning (or whatever large percentage you’d like to do) is showing up. If you never try you will never know whether you can do something or not. And chances are that you’ll likely succeed if you keep trying enough times.

There was one thing I wanted years ago that I never tried so I don’t even know if I could have made it or not, and that’s the biggest regret…not even trying. But I’ll save this for another day.

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