365: Day 45 – Needing a Vacation

On some days I find myself wishing for a vacation where I can relax and take a break from responsibilities at work, but the irony is that I think I would be more stressed out “unplugging”. I feel much more comfortable being able to check in on things and respond. It’s a good thing I live in today’s world where this is easy to do. The trips I most enjoyed were those I took for my MBA studies. I had projects to work on and assignments for work still due, but I did enjoy the liberty of making my own schedule. Particularly, the two trips I enjoyed most were the one to Asia and the one to Middle East. The time zones were so different from my home one that I was free to explore these places throughout the day with little to no interruptions. When it came time to retire for the evening, I would open my computer and catch up on emails, stay up a little late if I had to, and then check back early in the morning before the end of the day back home.

I still intend to write about past travels, but perhaps when things settle down a bit and I have some more time.

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