365: Day 42 – Change of Pace

Today was a welcome change of pace where there was little related to the home and although I’m super excited about the new place, it was nice to be able to focus more on work and do some catching up. In other news, I heard that USC–my alma mater–will be sunsetting the regional clubs. I used to serve on the board of the USC Alumni Club of Los Angeles. I have some good memories from my time serving on the board, but I have mixed feelings about USC’s decision. On the one hand I will miss these, but at the same time they were a little cliquey and I remember one time when I chaired a huge Hollywood Bowl event, I put in a ton of effort and felt like the rest of the board just left me hanging. It was exhausting and worst of all, I felt like I still wasn’t part of the the inner circle. Almost like I was given the illusion that I was running the show even though I really wasn’t just so I can put in the hard work. So in a way, I’m glad things are getting shaken up. It was time for a fresh perspective.

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