365: Day 41 – Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Continuing on the Kitchen topic, we went shopping for appliances this morning and we finally have everything all picked out. After loving everything and considering everything we kept narrowing it down until we finally zeroed in on the look and features we wanted. We’re going with these white Café appliances. The general look of the kitchen will be a dark wood for the cabinets and a white countertop. Still trying to decide on the backsplash, but it will most likely be a white color or a very light color. We liked these appliances because they’re fairly unique-looking and they will contrast with the very dark cabinets. To further add contrasting elements, the sinks will be black. Looking forward to using these appliances, but we’re still about two months out from using them. Then need to be ordered and they also cannot be installed until the Kitchen cabinets are installed.

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