365: Day 38 – The Story of the Animated Drawing

I came across Walt Disney’s The Story of the Animated Drawing on Disney+, and it never ceases to amaze me what Walt Disney managed to accomplish in his lifetime. I constantly think about Walt Disney because his presence is written all over this city. I used to live halfway between the old Disney studios and one of Walt Disney’s favorite restaurants–Tam O’Shanter. Both were walking Distance. Before this Pandemic I would pass by the current Walt Disney Studios to and from work. Across these studios is the land Walt was originally considering to build Disneyland on. Whenever you go to Disneyland, you’re reminded that this was the original Walt Disney created and his presence is felt every time you pass his apartment above the fire station. My favorite place that reminds me of Disney is of course the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic–Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Seeing how he took animation took animation from being short videos that were not much more than a novelty to the feature length animated fills that began with Snow White is quite remarkable. These seemingly childish cartoons became beloved characters the world over. Then turning his model train hobby into a brilliant business idea that became the Disney theme parks. I love seeing movies and documentaries about this man and reading about his as well. A wonderful book I would highly recommend is Disney’s Land, which is a beautiful narrative on the creation of Disneyland.

In another lifetime, I would wish to be like Walt Disney. Not because of his wealth becuase of his fame, but to get just a taste of creating something unprecedented.

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