365: Day 35 – The Illuminated Apple Logo

I bought my current MacBook Pro in the summer of 2015, so it still proudly sports a beautiful illuminated Apple logo. These past few days that I’ve been working into the night, I love seeing the bright logo in the room and I’m sad that Apple has done away with it in their new laptops for a few years now. I been a long-time Apple fan, but it doesn’t feel like it used to. It used to feel like you were part of something special. It meant you decided to join the minority and willing to put up with compatibility issues when interacting with PC users. It meant defending a company that was looked at as different, the outsider. You refused to be part of the PC status-quo. You refused to conventional MP3 players and wear a pair of white headphones when everyone else wore black. You refused to choose the well-established Blackberry in favor of the experimental iPhone.

Most importantly to me: the illuminated Apple logo makes me nostalgic of the time when as an Apple fanboy you worshipped Steve Jobs and religiously waited for him to preach his sermon at the Apple events and witness his prophecies of cutting edge technology.

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