365: Day 31 – At a loss for words…

No, there is nothing shocking to report. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Between getting things in place for the new house and work, I have had a non-stop day that has left me exhausted. The only big thing that happened today was that a client was mad about a report issued by a co-worker, so we had an conference call to discuss the issues. There were in fact several issues with the report, but the meeting became a little heated when she tried to argue that there were no issues. It was a painful conversation all around and after the phone call she got so worked up I could hear her crying. There was no excuse for the errors on the report, but I still felt terrible to see how worked up she got about the situation. I was in a similar position (minus the crying) several years ago on another project so I tried reassuring her and asking her not to take things personally.

So I guess I did find something to write about after all.

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