365: Day 30 – Active under contract

It turns out one of my creepy sisters is reading this blog because she signed up for the emails years ago! Just kidding about her being creepy, and I’m glad a whole of three people are reading this blog. 🙂

I checked back on the home listing and it now shows it as “active under contract”! I probably won’t rest easy until the escrow is closed and the keys are in our hands, but in the meantime there is now a fully executed contract. This process has been very exciting, but also stressful. For me headaches are extremely rare (about one or two a year), and today was one of those days because of the stress of trying to tackle work and getting everything in order for this new home. I can get cranky when stressed and when I have headaches–probably because these are two situations that I only rarely encounter. However, I was consciously reminding myself to take a moment to breathe and that there was nothing to worry about. I am happy to say I managed my stress beautifully. I still working late into the night and will continue for a little while longer, but everything has indeed turned out okay and I’ve been more productive just be keeping my stress in check. This blog/journal itself is a welcome respite allowing me to take a brief pause and recharge.

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