365: Day 21 – Letting old pains go

I’ve got only 15 minutes left in the day to get this in, so it’ll be short.

Without going into specifics, today I almost let ghosts from the past derail my day. I tend to extrapolate even the tiniest occurrences into how they may shape up in the future. It’s seldom a good idea, but far worse when you let the past indicate what things may mean and how they may play out into the future. Super vague, I know. I don’t want to share any specifics partly because it’s a little personal and partly because I don’t want to dignify that past by continuing to remember it.

Therefore, I pledge to myself to bury the past and unbound myself from those chains of the past to I allow myself to live freely. I know I can’t erase things that were done to me, but I choose to make that past irrelevant to the future. I am blessed with wonderful people in my life and I want to honor and respect them by trusting and believing in them.

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