365: Day 11 – Wonton Soup

“Did you take any photography courses? This blogger is saying she wants to start taking food pictures, but that her pictures aren’t that good.”

I’ve never take a photography course, but I did read a lot about, looked at works of other photography enthusiasts, and had lots of practice. I seldom pick-up my camera now, but this question made me go straight to my camera and put on the 50mm lens. I knew exactly what I wanted to take a picture of.

I took a picture of my dinner, enjoyed my delicious dinner, and then opened up my laptop to download the pictures off my camera. I had forgotten what a joy this all was for me. I’ve taken tons of pictures throughout the years of delicious foods and lovely places.

This is the start of the long Memorial Day weekend for us and I left my camera ready on my desk. Let’s see what else I can capture this weekend!

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