365: Day 4 – Reading

I used to read a ton in my teenage solitude, and lost my habit for a few years. Little by little I’ve been rekindling my love of reading and the passion for it has come roaring back during this pandemic.

I had a lot of work today, so I will keep this very brief since the clock is nearing the midnight hour. I’ve been reading several books, but most notable is one titled The Three Body Problem a translation of a wonderful Chinese science fiction book that I just couldn’t put down. It’s the first book in a trilogy and I am definitely buying the next two books. In the meantime, I am reading Overstory–a most remarkable novel that won last year’s Pulitzer Prize. The storytelling and the language are superb in a way I had not experienced since ready The Grapes of Wrath.

The picture above is one I borrowed from the internet and it is such a beautiful home library that I hope to have something similar for myself in the future.

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