Day 85 – 214.2 pounds

Not much excitement yesterday.  Just woke up feeling a little guilty and not hungry so I skipped breakfast and instead I went to USC to study and work from my favorite courtyard.  There I had a cold-brew coffee and a coffee cake as my breakfast/lunch.  It was a beautiful day and the work kept me distracted from wanting to eat for the sake of eating.

I then headed over to my mom’s and ate some chop suey and this fried rice that she made. Semi-healthy, except for the part where I had an extra serving of the rice.  I later indulged in this milk-based jello she makes.  It was late enough in the afternoon where I felt I was done eating for the day and it actually worked out pretty well.

The morning weigh-in:

214.2 pounds

231.7 – 214.2 = 17.5 pounds lost

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