Day 84 – 214.6 pounds

I’ve been struggling with continuing my weight loss these lass few days and that has been entirely of my own doing.  Yesterday I started with my usual variation of eggs and had 3 scrambled.  I planned on having a larger lunch and then keep it light for the dinner, so I got a couple of Tacos out in Corona.  They were larger than I expected, but not too bad considering I would keep it light the rest of the day.

I jokingly told me fried I would take his girlfriend out on a date since he was out of town, and it ended up becoming true so we went along with another friend for dinner and I had a spicy Italian sandwich.  The sandwich itself wasn’t too bad, but I accompanied it with a cream soda, followed by a cocktail, and then a beer.  Beverages is where I’ve cut out a ton of calories recently, so this really threw me off. :-(.


The morning weigh-in:

214.6 pounds

231.7 – 214.6 = 17.1 pounds lost

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