Day 83 – 214.8 pounds

The day before:

Let’s change things up a bit.  Obviously I haven’t been keeping up with my food journal and I keep waiting to go back and finish all the previous entries.  Well, that is probably the surest way to get me to end the habit.  So I’m resuming it hear without worrying about the format because I need to keep posting since I feel this has helped me temendously.

For breakfast I went with 3 scrambled eggs cooked in 1 tablespoon of butter and I also had a small slice of a cake I baked.  I felt guilty about the cake so I ended up tossing the rest of it in the trash after I ate the slice.  I had a few errand to do mid-morning so I bought an iced white mocha from Starbucks to fuel me through my errands.

In the afternoon I went to the gym for my personal training session and I’m now up to 30lbs each arm on the rowing, squatting with 30lbs, I think the bench press is now at 60 lbs (sorry, not sure), pull bar at 80lbs, skull crushers are 12lbs each arm, and latter raises at 8 lbs each arm.  I’m feeling better now that I’m becoming more familiar with the weight-lifting equipment.  At the end of today’s session I unfortunately started feeling light-headed and ended up having to sit down and then went to lying flat on the ground while I recovered, haha.  I think this was due to not enough nutrition beforehand so I heated up one of those SteamFresh bags with a broccoli and cheese sauce food.  It was good and quite light on the calories.

It is now the early evening and time for school.  I bought a cold-brew iced coffee to have while I read some case studies. Felt pretty good so far, but then in class I started getting very hungry so during the break I, for the first time ever, had ChickFilA!  It was delicious, although the I’m not sure if was the healthiest choice.  Had a deluxe chicken sandwich with a large Diet Coke.

Got home after class and had an 8-ounce glass of almond milk to keep me from getting hungry before going to bed.

The morning weigh-in:

214.8 pounds

231.7 – 214.8 = 16.9 pounds lost

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