Day 77 – 214.6 pounds

D.77-214.6 – A somewhat expected small gain, but I was still hoping to get into the 213s. I had an exam yesterday, so that was my priority yesterday. I’ll start posting the WordPress journal entries as soon as I’m caught up. I am currently two behind. (Down 17.1 pounds)


No exercise yesterday as I was focused on doing some last-minute, but I will resume working out Thursday evening.


Egg and sausage breakfast sandwich from eggos



Some potato cream soup from a can that I modified a little to improve the taste. 🙂

Later I made myself a Strawberry-Banana shake that was delicious.


Had an early dinner before I went to school.  I warmed up at bag of “buffalo broccoli” which were marinated as if they were buffalo wings and were quite spicey.  It was healthy, but the taste wasn’t great and won’t be buying those anymore.  This is one of several frozen foods I bought because they’re from Birds Eye, which is a company I’ve been researching for a project I’m working on at school.

Later at school, I picked up an iced vanilla latte from Starbucks just to give me some extra caffeine to last through the test.

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