Day 73 – 2xx.x pounds

D.73-2xx.x –  Still on hiatus from daily weigh-ins due to the trip, so I’m keeping these posts off of Facebook since I am already over-posting with the trip. (Down xx.x pounds)


No formal exercise, but lots of walking.




We tried out a Cuban place near Times Square called Havana Central.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because we ended up ordering far more than we ate.  We ended up leaving most of the food–not for lack of flavor, but for lack of room in our stomachs.  I felt quite proud of myself for stopping when I felt fool and going no further.  Pictured below are queso fundido, fried plantains, ropa vieja, and vaca frita.  All very delicious!


We decided to leave our dining experience to luck and set out to wander the street without a plan.  Finally the humidity got to us and we decided to call upon Yelp.  Down the block was a highly reviewed Mexican restaurant that was packed with people so we decided to give it a try.  We were rewarded with the best meal on the trip so far with delicious, undeniably Mexican food, and excellent service.  Pictured below are a freshly-made guacamole, a watermelon margarita, carne asada with an enchilada, and the most delicious Café de Olla I’ve ever tasted.



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