Day 68 – 217.4 pounds

D.68-217.4 – It was quite a long day as I worked on my SR-91 project in Riverside County and then had to rush over to school in the evening, but the guilt from my terrble eating the day before kept me in check and I avoided the temptation of going for the easy foods that could have derailed me further. (Down 14.1 pounds)


Not time for exercise today: crazy long with work in Riverside County and then rushing to USC for my evening class.


I felt so terrible after my donut overindulgence the day before that I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything solid for breakfast.  I left my apartment and drove to one of my projects without eating anything, but once I got off the freeway I opted for one of these Naked juices so I could get something healthy in my body and also to make sure I’m not shocking my metabolism too much with  overindulgence and then starving myself.


The smoothie was enough to carry my through to lunch. I had been giving it some thought throughout the morning on where I should go for lunch to get something healthier.  I ended up going to Vons and picked up one of their salad bowls.  It was light, delicious, and cheap.  This would be enough to keep me from getting hungry during work, but I knew I would have to plan for my next move as I got to USC later that evening.


Once at USC, I stopped in at Starbucks and bought one of their lunch deals where you get to pick a sandwich, chips, a fruit bar, and water for $8. The sandwich was quite delicious–admittedly I was also hungry by this point–and it was enough food to fill me up for dinner and keep me satiated for the rest of the night.

Later in the evening during our class break, I needed to som extra caffeine to keep me going at the end of a very long day so I had a medium dark-roast coffee.

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