Day 63 – 217.2 pounds

D.63-217.2 – I ate relatively lightly and worked out my upper body today, so I am quite proud.  The soreness in my upper body started to subside just in time for another round of upper body reps to renew the soreness. I am actually getting quite excited about all of this renewed focus on my health. I’m hoping this is the start of a self-reinforcing ecosystem of positive feedback and I have so many of you to be thankful for it! 🙂 (Down 14.5 pounds)

I woke up feeling less sore and looking forward to my next personal training session in the early afternoon.  This also ended up being one of my most productive morning as I felt like I woke up and hit the ground running.  I got up and went to retrieve the Wall Street Journal from my front door.  I consider this productive because it is continuously educating me on current events in the business world and ties in beautifully with my MBA studies.  Continuing with the business theme, I proceeded to read a bunch of case studies and other assigned readings for my global and corporate strategy class in the evening.  It was also managed to get some work done before going to my personal training session.


Once on campus, I continued my productivity in this beautiful campus courtyard as I was preparing for a review session for Operations Management and the Strategy class that was to follow. The evening ended with an awesome class of Corporate Strategy by professor Voigt.  He is an intimidating fellow, but thoroughly engaging and absolutely fascinating!

Now on to the fitness and nutrition bits…


Today I met with my personal trainer once again and continued to work on building up my upper body strength. I was dreading it a bit given that I was still a bit sore from Monday’s session, but I was simultaneously looking forward to once again pushing myself to new limits and building up my strength.  There were much less people at the gym today compared to the crowd seen on Memorial Day.  I haven’t yet attended any of their classes: I hope to attend a few on a regular basis in a couple of weeks once my schedule settles down a bit.

I ended my workout with a short run.  After all, it was “National Running Day!”



I decided to experiment with breakfast this morning and tried customizing my omelet with cheese and another special ingredient. I loved it so much that I am reluctant to share my recipe until I perfect it further.  It was amazing and home to fine-tune it and perfect it!


Immediately after my workout I indulged in a vanilla protein shake.  Shortly after I got ready for school and made a stop at my parent’s to have a Chile Relleno that my mom made.  It’s cheesy and coated in egg, but I limited myself to just one and accompanied it with just a bit of steamed rice.


As has come to be the case recently, on school nights I end up not having any formal dinner.  During our class break I got a grande vanilla latte with a couple extra shots of espresso (it was a long day) and enjoyed it with a plain butter croissant. This carried me through the rest of class, but once I got home I was feeling a bit hungry again.  So I had the last 4 chicken and cilantro dumplings I had in my freeze: the portion was quite small and nothing more than a snack portion.

In conclusion, I think my eating choices today were good enough and choices of which I would have been proud of even if I had not worked out.  However, with the workout included I think it was a rather good day.


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