Day 62 – 217.4 pounds

D.62-217.4 – Inching back down a little after my weekend of indulgence.  I had every intention of working out yesterday evening because I’m riding this high of excitement for working towards my goals, however my upper body was still quite sore from Monday’s workout and figured it would be best to give it a rest.  (Down 14.3 pounds)

I’m rearranging the order of these on these posts to try and keep them more interesting.  So I’ll start off with a brief summary, then fitness, and finally what I ate.

I woke up feeling sore in my upper body and this made me quite happy and proud! It was a reminder that the day before I worked out my upper body harder than I had in a long time, and a reminder that I am starting something new in my life. The scale reading this morning (reported on previous post) was a little discouraging, but at the same time only makes me want to try harder. I am also wondering how focusing on muscle while trying to lose weight will translate to my weight loss.  I suspect some of the pounds lost from fat will be offset by growing muscles, which means I will need to focus my attention on how my clothes are fitting.



I made myself two quick scrambled eggs and grabbed a diet coke to drink on the drive to Corona.



I was tempted to just grab one of those Naked juices and only have that for lunch, however I wanted to eat something solid and I also needed to do some writing.  So I ended up at a Barnes and Noble café.   I opted for a tall cappuccino and “Cinnamon Cro Muffin”? Cappuccinos are lighter on the calories than most other things at Starbucks and the pastry also less than the other options while still looking delicious.  It was enough to satisfy my desire for something solid and I don’t feel bad about the choice.



For dinner I slow-cooked this chicken in the oven that was marinated in a mesquite sauce over several days. The meat was amazingly tender and juicy.  I only accompanied this with a glass of wine (finishing off what I opened on Sunday) and some Coke Zero later in the night.

It was a light day of eating, but nothing really restrictive.


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