Day 61 – 217.7 pounds

D.61-217.7 – I am proudly typing this with sore arms, but also a little dejected by the weight gain.  I knew this would be a tough weekend on me, but as with everything, mistakes and set-backs are there to provide you with a learning experience.  There were some good things and I’ll focus on those to carry me through the day. Yesterday I had my first 1-hour session with my personal trainer and I am definitely feeling it today. I am excited to see what kind of results I’ll be seeing! (Down 14.0 pounds)


My food journal so far seems more of a play by play of what I’m consuming without any real direction. It’s boring because it lacks any health direction and this has made me want to start researching nutrition and see what things I can incorporate to improve my health.  So my hope is that this will start to look better and inspire others to eat healthier.  In this way, I think this food journaling is serving its purpose: I’m starting to question the things that I’m doing and recognizing bad patterns.

So bear with me while I learn from my mistakes and start to educate myself.  Weight-loss is never easy and I’m in this for the long haul.


I again wasn’t hungry, so I decided not to eat until after my personal training session in the afternoon.  I know skipping meals isn’t the healthiest of choices so I need to start planning ahead once again and make sure I at least get something light so I’m not shutting down my metabolism.


Had a protein shake I bought at the gym and then went to Starbucks and enjoyed a grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha.  The protein shake had relatively low calories in it and I felt I really needed it after the hour I spent with the personal trainer.  The Iced White Mocha was something I should have skipped, but the temptation once at Starbucks proved too great for me to resist.


In my quest to watch the Harry Potter movies, we had a dinner and a movie night.  I cooked a breaded chicken breasts with a tomato sauce and cheese on it.  Quite delicious, and the portions weren’t big.  Unfortunately I also served it with a side of cheesy scalloped potatoes which weren’t at all healthy.  But the object was to entertain and not subject everyone to a restrictive diet.  My friend brought over some roasted pears and we ate them with ice cream and a wine-based sauce.  Absolutely delicious!

Also had popcorn during the movie and wine during the dinner. 😦


I went to my first personal training session yesterday and I am very happy with the workouts as they were entirely focused on what I need improvement on and what my limits were. My upper body is what I’ve most neglected and it’s where we’ll be focusing.  I am very unfamiliar with how to workout using weights, and it became very apparent how little strength my upper body has.  So I am excited to start building up a routine and see what improvements I’ll be seeing.

I have this renewed excitement for fitness that has me wanting to schedule classes and set goals for myself on many levels: weight, appearance, running pace, weight-lifting goals, etc…

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