Day 60 – 217.5 pounds

D.60-217.5 – I have gained a little, but I’ve been enjoying my foodie staycation.  I do not advocate the indulging in yummy foods for an entire weekend, but given how much I love food I also don’t regret it.  I felt some redemption from this guilt yesterday by running/hiking 10.34 miles to the Hollywood Sign. This coming week, I am committed to diversifying my exercise routines and will focus on upper body: so I should more to report on this as well. 🙂 (Down 14.2 pounds)



I wasn’t hungry for breakfast so instead of eating, I went on a hike with a friend to the Hollywood Sign (see fitness section below).


After our 10.34 miles round trip to the Hollywood Sign we were hungry and had a late brunch at Café de Olla in Burbank. The Mexican food was great, but the highlight was definitely the café de olla.   The cinammon flavor in the coffee was nothing short of amazing.


Had an amazing dinner with friends at one of my favorite restaurants. I was quite pleased to see that everything on the tasting menu was new and none of which I’ve had before.  All the food was amazing and the wine pairings were excellent. It probably wasn’t the healthiest meal, but I also wouldn’t consider it bad. 🙂



Was very happy to have been able to get out and do something on a Sunday morning.  I went on a 10.34 miles run/hike to the Hollywood Sign. It wasn’t the fastest run, but there was quite a bit of elevation gain that more than made up for it. I love going up to the sign and behind it because it always reminds me how many people from around the world want to come to this city.  It is something the amazes me because to me this city is not a destination, but my hometown. 🙂

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