Day 59 – 217.1 pounds

D.59-217.1 – A late post, but I headed out for a run/hike this morning. I’ve been inching up, but it’s not surprising given my meals this weekend.  I need to get more workouts in to compensate.  Since I’m not traveling anywhere for the weekend, I’m enjoying a staycation involving the exploration of restaurants. 🙂  (Down 14.6 pounds)



If you read my previous post, you know that I ended up eating at 2am early Saturday morning after bar-hopping in West Hollywood on Friday night.  So I woke up feeling bloated and definitely not in the least bit hungry.  Another consequence of staying out late, was that I was too tired to get up early to go for a run at 7am with my group.  So all of this combined left me completely disinterested in breakfast and ended up having only a couple cups of coffee and skipping breakfast.


For lunch I had dinner with my friend Amy.  It wasn’t too bad, but unfortunately it was quite close to my next me and I hadn’t given that some thought until once I was almost finished.


It was to be the last pre-performance dinner of the season with my mom as we were going to see our last performance at LA Opera, La Boheme.  I wanted to take my mom somewhere new and this is a well-reviewed restaurant.

The dinner was exquisite! I described it on Facebook as:

“The score was beautiful and the orchestration was impeccable!  Tonight’s dinner was a gastronomic symphony!”

It was truly a wonderful meal: the food was delicious, the wine pairings were perfect, and the service was second to none. The portions as you can see are not big, but I still feel a little guilty indulging in these foods as I am trying to lose weight. But do not despair, I consumed no further calories after this meal.


The bar-hopping in West Hollywood left me too tired to get up in the morning to do my long run so I decided to postpone it a day.

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