Day 55 – 217.1

D.55-217.1 – I’ve now broken through my lower weigh-in of the last couple of months. 217.5 was the lowest I had gone down to before I went on my little rollercoaster the firstseveral weeks of this month.  216 is the lowest I’ve weighed since late middle school, I’m tempted to say.  212 is the lowest I’ve seen on a scale but that was within an hour of running a full marathon where I was famished and parched  so I’ve considered that an outlier. Beyond 216 will be unchartered waters for me on this journey! (Down 14.6 pounds)



I had to head out the door by 6:30 this morning so I made myself two quick over easy eggs.


I was naturally feeling a bit hungry by the time noon came around. I was working on a project in Corona (in Riverside County) and I drove over to a cheap pizza place that I enjoy going to because it’s quick and inexpensive. As I was about to turn off the car, I hesitated and then thought to myself how there would be nothing graceful about posting a picture of a pizza on this food journal.  So instead I opted for something a little lighter, better-looking, and filling.


So I grabbed some sushi and had crab and calamari roles. This isn’t the finest or most authentic Japanese restaurant, but it got the job done.  I was also thirsty and craving something with flavor so I grabbed a diet coke.


Alrighty, so here I faltered and ended up having a grande iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and a cheese danish.  It was a small thing to have for dinner in terms of volume, but the caloric punch was quite heavy from the coffee alone.  So I indulged in great flavor, but sacrificed a more proper and healthier meal for something smaller.  It was enough to carry me over through the night and I was good about eating no further.


Big update here!  I have found a new gym walking distance from my home.  It has been extremely difficult for me to be attending the gym on a regular basis for any extended period of time during this period of my life when I’m balancing work and getting my MBA. This gym is also open late so it should be easier to work around my schedule.

I’m working on setting up a personal-training plan as I need to learn proper weight-lifting techniques and focus on my upper body.  My legs have gotten their fair share of exercise with all the training I’ve done for long-distance racing, but my upper body is in dire need or help.

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