Day 53 – 218.6 pounds

D.53-218.6 – Alrighty, so here goes my experiment with this food journal.  It may turn out being just a photo journal, depending on where my crazy schedule takes me.  I’ll start it off with my usual blurb, and after the jump I’ll journal the things I ate and did the day before leading up to this morning’s weigh-in.  So my weight has been holding steady and only inching a little up or down this month. So I’m on a quest to see which choices I make are causing this. (Down 13.1 pounds)



This morning I was still quite full from the night before so ended up making myself two poached eggs and some coffee.  I did not take a picture of the poached eggs, but believe me they were not pretty. Tasty…but not pretty. This is one area of cooking that I wish to master.


Today was my lazy day and I’ve pretty much spent the entire day indoors and thankfully so.  The past three days have been amazingly fun and rewarding including three wonderful dinners, and performances and both LA Opera and LA Phil.

So I decided to cook something light and health.  As some of you know, I dislike brown rice and avoid it like the plague.  It just doesn’t cut it for me.

img_1678However, I had a sample bag I was given at one of the race expos not too long ago so I figured I might as well use it.  So I called upon butter and some experimentation with spices to rescue this disaster of a rice grain.  I fried it in butter for a bit before adding the water that taste of the broth was awesome!

For the protein I chose an ahi tuna steak. I did my own concoction of pepper and other spices to coat the fish and I was quite pleased with the flavor.  I chose to grill it to keep it healthier than the rice, however when I unfortunately over cooked it while setting up for my camera and lighting for the photo.

Next time I will have to be more vigilant of the cooking time img_1679or–dare I say–use butter to add some wonderful flavor. Over all it didn’t take me more than half an hour to put all of this together from scratch from ingredients I already had.

I’m am often crunched for time so I’m not sure I’ll have time to cook like this often, but it is a goal of mine to be able to do this at least a few times a week as it saves some money as well as sharpens my cooking skills.

So below is the finished product.  The fish should have been far less cooked, but it was still flavorful and I was quite happy with the result.  Today’s dinner was a little heavy on the earth tones, lol. I was happy enough with the result that I decided it merited being paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio (not the finest bottle, but it got the job done).


Post-Dinner Dessert

After having a lazy day, doing lots of reading, and working on setting up this journal; I wanted to get out for a little bit and had a craving for some frozen yogurt.  Went to Yogurtland in Burbank with friends and had a generous serving of yumminess. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have had it, but considering the rest of my meals during the day it did not seem like a bad choice.


I took a day off from exercising today as I’ve been exhausted by a tight schedule the last few days as well as unexpectedly having run a half-marathon yesterday.

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