I have a few false starts saved as drafts on here. I had been thinking about writing about my reflection during Lent. Even though I did not continue writing during Lent I did finish the season with a daily Rosary and doing the daily readings. In all honesty, I am still a little surprised I stuck with my intentions for Lent. Even though I went to Catholic school all the way until college, I didn’t really take any interest in Catholicism beyond that. Perhaps it is as a friend told me a few years ago that spirituality will come once we are ready for it.

I feel similarly about Classical music. My appreciation for music has deepened as I’ve gotten older and I attribute this to the accumulation of life experiences. How could I appreciate music for anything more than pretty notes decades ago when I didn’t know anything about love, heartbreak, betrayal, and supporting myself?

So it may be the same with religion for me now, where the accumulation of life experiences help me appreciate it more. You won’t see me being all preachy and wearing my spirituality and religion on my sleeve, but I’ve been keeping it more front of mind. I sometimes look up at the stars and I am fascinated by the immensity of it all. It’s hubris to think that we somehow understand how it all works just by what we can observe from our microscopic planet.

To continue with my musical analogy: I have some understanding of the physics of sound and the chemistry of emotions, but neither `fully explain how and why I have such an intense emotional connection with music. So with spirituality, I feel that there is a connection to the larger universe that I don’t fully understand and that don’t need to.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that thought out of the way and resume my random writings from time to time.