Lent: Prayer, more than just meditation

I prayed with the sincerest intention I could remember. It was the extended version of the Rosary and I prayed it while my dad was having surgery to have a pacemaker installed. I read a bunch of literature on the subject leading up to the surgery and from statistical standpoint it was a fairly easy procedure and I had nothing to worry about. But I was nervous and scared about the faintest possibility of any complication.

Praying the Rosary helped put my mind at ease and in that sense I was comforted. I never thought I’d publicly be writing about the positivity and power of prayer, but I can tell you that it helped. Religion done the right he way is a guidance on how to live at peace and in service to others. It makes me wonder what went wrong and where. Why has it sometimes been used to do more harm than good, and when did it become something potentially archaic and shameful.

My dad’s surgery went well and he is coming home today. I could say we were lucky. I could say I’m grateful to the universe. I could say I’m grateful to God. It felt like more than just look and we understand about the universe about as much as we understand about God (if we’re being honest). So why not just say it was God and have faith in the teachings that are part of my heritage.