Lent: The Rosary as meditation

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

A gift and personal reasons led me to do some research on the Rosary. I haven’t prayed it in years even though I grew up praying it with family and during 13 years of Catholic school. Until a few days ago, the idea of it seemed out of place and antiquated. As I read articles on its history and purpose, I became intrigued by Popes and Saints throughout history referring to it as a form of meditation. It got me thinking about how is it that meditation and mindfulness in today’s society can borrow so freely from some religions and shun others. Why is it that Buddhist and Hindi practices are trendy and praised, but Christian meditation practices have come to be shunned?

I decided to pray the Rosary every day during lent as an offering during this time of year in addition to a few other things I’ve decided to give up. It’s a little sad that I feel the need to be courageous to even post on this topic. So I’m hoping this time will help me as a self-reflection.

If there is one good thing about this pandemic it is that it has brought me closer to family and the traditions I grew up with. Before the pandemic I had started to view special days of the year as nothing special. I remember a few Decembers ago that I was driving with Christmas music playing in my car when I was overcome by a feeling of sadness that I had drifted away from my traditions.

I don’t want to make my little corner of the internet sound preachy, but I’m thinking of focusing on this aspect of me throughout Lent.