Celebrating with Pouilly-Fuissé

In my previous post I mentioned being invited to interview for a job I’m interested in. That first interview went well and I was invited for a second round. That second round was today with a couple of interviewers and I came away feeling even more excited. I feel like I made a great impression and I came away with a good impression of the company and the position as well! I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it may be too late for that. My mind is already imagining myself in the new role and how to go about telling my current coworkers if I end up taking the job. Oh how I wish this job to come true.

Regardless of me getting the job or not, I feel quite proud of myself for feeling so confident and comfortable during my interview. So to celebrate, I opened up a bottle of wine and watched a short opera. The wine was a 2016 Domaine Luquet Pouilly-Fuissé Bois Seguin. The opera was Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. I spent some time reading up on the wine trying to understand more about the grapes used and the region it comes from. The French label their wines by region and not grape variety like we do here in California. So I wasn’t quite sure what kind of wine I was about to drink. It was a Chardonnay from Bourgogne (Burgundy) and an exquisite one at that. In that past I would have probably said that I liked Pouilly-Fussé over Chardonnay, but knowing better now I would say I prefer this particular French Chardonnay over a typical California Chardonnay. The French oak barrels that they’re aged in produce a more delicate and pleasing taste for me. I read further about the typical flavors of the region and I could definitely detect a few notes of apple and a hint of citrus. The color was a deeper amber color that tells me it was a slightly older wine. Researching and learning all of this is why I love wine. 🙂

As to the opera…Pagliacci is a masterpiece and one that I feel deeply. It tears me up and gives me goosebumps. I’ve noticed that I appreciate opera more and more as I get older and at first I thought it was because it is an acquired taste that I’ve learned to appreciate and I know much more about it now. While that may be partially true, I believe the biggest reason for my interest crescendo is that I’ve had more life experiences now. It’s hard to identify with the characters and feel their pain if you haven’t gone through the life experiences depicted in these works of art. When I see a performance of Pagliacci, it stirs up old wounds of heartbreak and betrayal. It sounds masochistic, but I instead find it cathartic. When you hear the deep emotions portrayed by the music you feel comforted that others have felt the same thing to and that it’s all part of the human experience.

Who celebrates like this over a job interview that you don’t know the outcome of? Well, I do and I love it!